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Do You Struggle With ...


Knowing how to clearly articulate your message so that you don't confuse people? 


Knowing how to deliver a presentation or share your story in a captivating way?


Connecting with your audience on a deeper level so you can develop the know, like and trust factor?

I get it. Speaking in front of 2 or 2,000 can feel scary. 

If you want to learn how to speak so others listen, I can help.

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(pronounced "Cheela")

With over 20 years of experience as a performing artist and keynote speaker, I learned a thing or two about what makes for a powerful presentation. I've had the privilege and honor of speaking and performing on hundreds of stage to thousands of people. Today, together with my team, I help women like yourself find the clarity and confidence they need in order to share their stories and make the impact they desire to make. I am an international singer, speaker, and author of Dare To Awaken & Finding Your Voice. I like to call myself an old soul who wears her heart on her sleeve. Born and raised in a third world country amidst excruciatingly difficult circumstances, I am committed to sharing my story of overcoming, in order to inspire you into brave action. Alongside my husband David, I raise two kiddos just outside of Nashville, TN. Currently, you can find me bi-weekly on my CAPTIVATE - With Your Words podcast, where I interview other female leaders and influencers. I'd love to connect with you on Instagram @CsillaMuscan where you can see more behind the scene moments from me and also get practical speaking tips.



Do you know what it takes to 

captivate and connect with an audience?

As a speaker and performing artist with over 20 years of experience I've learned a few things about the art of dynamic communication. Now, I'm sharing these secrets through my #captivatewithyourwords weekly tips. Register to start receiving these weekly emails delivered straight to your inbox.

Dr. Mark White, Senior Pastor, Harrisonburg Baptist Church

"Csilla is an inspiring musician and speaker. Her music is genuine and heartfelt. And her leadership in our worship service enabled the whole congregation to worship God and draw closer to the Lord. It was a truly meaningful experience."

LeAnn Simmerman, Women’s Ministry Director, Leoma Baptist Church 

“Csilla is a tiny lady with a mighty message. Her voice, music and story touches every heart. We all have a story and Csilla empowers us to use our experiences and gifts to not only serve God but impact those around us. She is truly spirit-filled and God-led.” 

Kaye Brewer,

Chief Human Resources Officer,

Maury Regional Hospital

"Csilla was the keynote speaker and entertainer for our annual employee recognition banquet. We are so thankful to her for sharing her kind and inspiring words and talent!... Her voice and message are as beautiful as her heart!" 


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