"Then you will call on me & come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me & find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you, declares the Lord..." Jeremiah 29:12-14


The day I decided to become very intentional about my quiet time with God is the day many things changed. The verse that you read above is so true. When we seek God with all of our heart, we will find Him. When we pray to Him, he listens. Now, I wish I could tell you that just by finding Him all your troubles will disappear. I also would love to tell you that whenever you pray to him, God will answer your prayers exactly the way you wanted it. But that's not the case. Sometimes, truly seeking his face means walking through pain so we can experience our Father's love and kindness even more deeply. Sometimes when He listens, the answer will not be what we wanted it to be.


But friend, I'm here to tell you that there is such power in not just knowing about God but intimately getting to see his heart for us. Not just reading about Him but having him walk with you through the valley of shadows. And even when you cannot see his face clearly, you know He is with you because, through the intimate relationship you've developed with him, you recognize His gentle voice.


What do you do when you get worried? When you find yourself in a hard place? Maybe like me, you either try to fix things by doing more or you run to a close friend for advice and a listening ear. Those are not bad things but I think many times we forget to first approach our creator and seek his guidance before anything else.


This is why I created the "Dare To Awaken" Devotional .


If you are ready to build a strong relationship with God this year!


If you want to seek God first before anything else!


If you want to get to know God intimately and through Him get to know yourself!


If you want to find the courage to follow the path He laid down for you!

Then this is for you, my friend!​


This devotional is perfect for your morning time with God, for Lent, for group study, etc.

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Dare To Awaken Devotional (Digital)


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