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Sophisticated Speaking Blueprint

Your customized & in-depth playbook for wildly successful speeches delivered to any audience resulting in “Oh...My...Wow” reactions.


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Remember the time you desperately wanted 
exactly what you have in your business now?

Pretty amazing to reflect on how far you've come, isn’t it?

But let me ask you this…
is this where you wanna stop? Is this the end of the line?

Or is it time to see what’s REALLY possible for you at your next level?
...I’m willing to bet your answer to that question is "ABSO-FRIGGING-LUTELY". (after all, you are here)
Stop me if I'm wrong...

You’re an accomplished entrepreneur because you’ve ALWAYS had big, bold visions for your life. You are driven, ambitious, and an action taker.

You’re not one to settle for anything short of WILDLY spectacular.

And you’ve definitely gotten a taste of it… to a degree, anyway.

You hit that first level of success quickly, you've expanded your business, your clients and students LOVE working with you, but there's one thing that still eludes you...

The title of 'well respected and recognizable go-to thought leader' of your industry.

Most of the time you still feel like you are your industry's best kept secret. Which drives you BONKERS.

And here's the thing...

You already know that in order to build the kind of clout and recognition you not only desire but deserve…

You need to, without hesitation, confidently be able to: 

➤ SPEAK on and command any stage

➤ WOW your audience members and event hosts

➤ DELIVER powerful talks that not only transform your audience time & time again but helps sell out your paid offers

➤ GET yourself in front of more of the right audiences

But even with every well-intentioned podcast pitch, Zoom presentation, and IG live you’ve done to get yourself seen and make that incredible impact you know you’re destined for…

You haven’t *quite* been able to crack into the keynote scene like you’d hoped.

Which begs the question...

If there was a customized plan that would show you how to speak persuasively on any platform and attract high-quality dream clients instantly, in a way that feels aligned with your strengths
While establishing yourself as the leading voice in your niche (without having to spend hours a day pitching yourself) ...


Would you finally feel confident to go all in on becoming a well-respected and recognizable name in your industry by speaking on more stages?

Pssstt… Here’s a little secret. It's totally possible for you to wow any audience you speak to without second-guessing yourself.


The Speaking Success Blueprint 

— SSB for short —

The customized + in-depth playbook for sophisticated business owners like yourself who are ready to go all in on becoming a well-respected + recognizable name by commanding any stage with confidence.

(Because if anyone has an untamable vision for the future, it’s YOU.)


Get your customized plan

The results are real. But don’t just take my word for it!

Here's How This Works

1. You complete the assessment

The assessment will take you about 15 minutes to complete and is designed to give me a clear understanding of what your desired speaking goals are.

2. I craft your customized manual

Once I receive your submitted assessment I go to work on crafting your customized speaking success manual for you. Turnaround time is 5 business days.

3. We get on a strategy call

After your customized manual has been completed we get on a 60-minute strategy call. During this session you get debriefed on your customized manual + the next steps to insure your speaking success.

Get your customized plan


Ready to elevate authority & business?


VALUE $1,297




  • Complete in-depth assessment
  • Customized speaking manual crafted for your specific situation
  • 60-minute 1:1 strategy call with me. You get a full debrief of your customized plan + thorough explanation of next steps you can take immediately to grow you authority & business
  • BONUS: Full access to my "Strategic Speaker Workshop" (priced at $197)
Get your customized plan

Your Business & Message Are Unique.
To Fix What's Broken or Missing, You Need a Customized Plan.

This is where the Speaking Success Blueprint works like magic.

The SSM is designed to help you move from "I've never heard of you before" to "Where do I sign up to work with you, ASAP?"

Knowing how to get in front of more audiences and holding authority in the eyes of consumers is the catalyst for accelerated sales. The SSM helps you know how to speak to your audience in a way that boosts your authority, visibility and business growth.

Are you ready to go all in on becoming the well-respected and recognizable name in your industry?

Today is your opportunity to take a quantum leap over ‘average’... and into an entirely new bracket of awesome.

If you want the blueprint that can accelerate your current impact & income -

The personalized speaking manual from a Speaking Consultant with 20+ years experience…

And the strategy that will inject momentum into your growth efforts…

Then I invite you to make the intentional decision to >>>

✔️ Scale your VISIBILITY
✔️ Scale your AUTHORITY
✔️ Scale your SALES
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