Are you ready to go all in on becoming a well respected & recognizable name in your industry?


The 90-Day Speaker Accelerator with Csilla Muscan


We’re going to clarify your standout message, map out your top 3 catchy keynote titles, craft your first killer speech, identify your one-of-a-kind speaking style, master your stage presence, optimize your presentation for maximum conversion, deliver your speech … and more (not kidding).

Bottom line...  you'll feel ready to command any stage with complete confidence!

This is for the CEO who's ready to feel seen - and truly be - considered the go-to-name in their industry.


The leader in total control of their business, income, growth, and visibility.



Stage One / Clarifying Your Magnetic Message


Getting clear on your central message and theme

Identifying your top speaking topics

Mapping out your top 3 catchy titles

Planning the irresistible offer that aligns with your presentation

Pick your top title you want to develop into a powerful & persuasive presentation

Stage Two / Crafting Your Killer Keynote


A = the objective

B = drawing up the outline of your presentation

C = mapping of your key points for great flow

D = creating your opening signature story 

E = sprinkling other relevant stories throughout your presentation

F = structuring your speech for maximum engagement and conversion 

Stage Three / Mastering Your Stage Presence + Delivery


Learning the art of effectively using your voice, body language and stage movement for maximum impact

Gaining mastery over your pitch, pace, vocal variety and being more articulate

Refining the use of your hands, stance and posture 

Putting all the pieces together... your voice, body and facial expression working together in harmony so you can WOW your audience

Learning how to be an outstanding speaker on a virtual stage

Stage Four / Presenting In Real Time


Presenting your fully developed presentation in real time to yours truly

Getting immediate feedback & positive critique from me

(BONUS) A recorded video by Csilla to help you strategize your next phase...

1. Identifying your ideal stages

2. Connecting with the gatekeepers and key figures

3. Presenting and pitching yourself so the host immediately says, "Heck, yes, I want them on my stage."

I booked my first ever PAID keynote


"Working with Csilla has built my confidence and understanding on what it takes to land speaking opportunities and truly make an impact on stages. Her step-by-step framework took the guesswork out of what to say, how to deliver, and helped me find the stories to share that will create meaningful change. After working with her, I booked my first ever PAID keynote speaking opportunity in just a few weeks. I highly recommend Csilla if you are looking to scale your businesses using stages!"

JANINE MIX - Marketing & Business Consultant

Your heart’s fluttering, but your mind’s swirling? Let’s talk logistics.

Includes: Everything above, and…

  1. (1) 45-minute strategy call to clarify your speaking goals
  2. Your fully customized speaker manual crafted for your desired outcomes
  3. (6) 60-minute coaching sessions via Zoom 
  4. (1) 90-minute zoom call where you present your speech in real time to me and receive feedback.
  5. 90-day email and private voice message support via Voxer 
  6. Client dashboard to track your progress and goals
  7. Ongoing access to Csilla throughout  the coaching relationship
  8. Full Access to Csilla's “Speak To Scale Academy” program (priced at $1,497)
  9. Alumni packages & prices. Most of my clients decide to continue working with me! Access special pricing for ongoing support only available to alumni clients.


Csilla, you are THE best coach...


"I cannot believe how much we got done in just 3 months. I'm blown away. Thank you for helping me fix my speaker page and getting my speaker portfolio ready for pitching and for helping nail my presentation. Today I got my first booked speaking engagement and it's all thanks to you."


MACHELLE WELLS - Motivational Speaker

How do we begin?

With one 30 minute 1:1 call. In this mini consultation session I'll help you tackle any roadblock that might be holding you. 

This strategy call will also help us determine whether we are a good fit for working together in order to get you to your first or next stage.





Ready to go all in on your authority?




You are the queen of clear messaging


I finally have a value articulator statement that makes sense. I'm able to communicate that clearly and concisely to everyone I meet, including social media. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


DARLA MORRISON - Entrepreneur

So, what's it like to work with me? 

The short’s fun.

Never a dull moment, I’ve got the stories to prove it. Let’s chat and I’ll tell you one. And we’ll also talk about how I can help you become the go-to-name in your industry by speaking to more audiences.

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